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Edgeware General Hospital

Maternity Hospital - Bridget Tierney (née Carey) had Michael & John in this hospital in 1965 & 66. The window marked with an arrow was the after-care ward where she had both children.


P11 Anglesea St., Clonmel

Jack O'Brien & Sons Garage 2016.

No occupants in 1911.


P10 Anglesea St., Clonmel

This property was divided into two apartments in 1911.

Elizabeth (58) & Lillie (50) Bradshaw lived in the first apartment. Both were Presbyterian & single.


P9, Anglesea St., Clonmel

The Pelissier's lived here in 1911, Robert (73), Margaret (72), Eva (36) & Alice (32). Robert was a chemist and all were Tipperary natives.

Mary T Brady, a domestic servant aged 20, also lived here. The Pelissier's were Church of Ireland and Mary Roma Catholic.


P8 Scots Church, Anglesea St., Clonmel

Known as the Scots Church and shown on the early 1900s 25 inch OS map as a Presbyterian Church.

The church has no occupants shown in 1911 census.




P7 Anglesea St., Clonmel

In 1911 this house was occupied by two families.

Margaret Downes a widowed housekeeper, originally from Kilkenny, lived in the first part of the house.


P6 Anglesea St., Clonmel

Johanna Looby, originally from Co. Waterford was landlady here in 1911. On the night of the census she had one boarder, Mary Roche Kelly, a school inspector from Dublin. Also living here wsa domestic servant William Sullivan, a Kildare man.


P4 Anglesea St., Clonmel

Home of Richard & Beatrice Mosberry in 1911 and their 4 children. Also domestic servant Bridget Ryan. Richard was a dentist and his eldest son, Montague, was his assistant. In 1911 the couple were 25 years married and had 6 children of which 5 were still living.