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Glantane Monument

In memory of the three IRA volunteers from Kilshannig Parish who gave their lives for theirs and our country. This monument in Glantane commemorates the three volunteers killed in action from Kilshannig Parish, Liam (William) O Connell, Michael Kiely and Ned Waters.


Birthplace of Michael Kiely Glannaharee

IRA member of Lombardstown Company and shot after arrest at Nadd Ambush. He was only 19 years old and attended at Laharan National School.


O Connell Home Lackendarragh

This is a most interesting house. The original house of 1916-1921 period is the one on the left side of the photo and has been demolished so this is a copy of a 10 year old photo.


Mountain Lodge, Glenogue

This was a hunting lodge of the Newman landlords of Newberry Manor  near Drommahane. The O Riordan family occupied it and trained hounds, kept fox coverts etc for the Newmans. It then passed to the O Keeffe family and in c.1974 to the Hennessy family.


O Keeffes Ballybought

The photo is the site of the O’Keeffe house. Jerry O Keeffe was born here in c 1895 and taught at the Crawford Tech. School. He took up cycling then and became a champion of Munster at a number of different distances. He built up a substantial building enterprise and built Drommahane Church.


Mrs. Lindsay’s Prison, Glenogue

Mrs Lindsay was captured as a spy by the IRA following the disastrous attempted ambush by the IRA at Dripsey on 28th Jan 1921 when six IRA men were captured. Mrs Lindsay was held  in the hope of exchanging her for some prisoners taken at Dripsey but when these were executed Mrs.


Corbetts Shanavoher

Jack Corbett was born in 1878 and took up running at 28 years of age and confined competition mainly to County Cork where he defeated Munster and Irish champions. The photo shows where his house stood beside Bweeng village.


Horgans Nursetown

The home of the Horgan family and Denis Horgan was a very active Volunteer, he became O/C of the Kilshannig Volunteer company and served time in prison for his efforts. This was the Horgan family home for generations.


Kelly Residence Carrigcleena

This was the home of a sister to Mike Maurice Bill Murphy who married in there and Tomas McCurtin visited here regularly as it was a meeting place and also a safe house for those on the run.


Old Presbytery Bweeng

This was the original presbytery attached to Bweeng Church and is located in Beenalaght townland.