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An historic graveyard between Doneraile & Buttevant, overlooking the Bregoge river, a tributary of the Awbeg river which flows through Doneraile.

There is no definitive information on whether there was a church in this graveyard although a possible chapel-at-ease from the early 1600s is mentioned in records. A chapel-of-ease was sometimes built within a parish for those unable to easily get to the parish church. A smaller burial ground is located across the road in an area of woodland - it could be a children's burial ground and/or associated with famine related burials.

The adjacent Byblox townland was associated with the Langley family, believed to be descended from Ironhand Langley, a Cromwellian officer, who survived the storming of the breach in the Siege of Clonmel in 1650.



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