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Employees of Powers Brewery in 1956

A photograph showing the employees of the brewery in 1956 from the remarkable Waterford County Images website:


Background to Powers Brewery, Dungarvan

One of a number of breweries in Dungarvan. Guinness supplied loose product and a number of pubs and breweries bottled, matured and sold this to the pubs. Merrys, Keane's and Powers were the last three breweries in Dungarvan. 

Michael Fitzgerald tells us something of the place today.


Alice Fraher the pub and a sweet shop


Seamus Fraher tells us of his father's family of sisters and their links with what is now known as Tommy Power's pub on Grattan Square in Dungarvan.


Charlotte Lubek tells us about Meades Cafe

Charlotte Lubek runs Meades Café on the corner of Grattan Square today and tells us of the original Missy Meades who rang the original restaurant and guest house.


The Irish Army in Dungarvan in 1922

The Irish National Army was formed in 1922 and the early months were challenging for many reasons. Social turmoil was reflected in the logistical challenge of  running the newly founded army. A census of Irish army members was held at midnight 12/13 November 1922.


Cromwell's General in 1649 and a bomb in 1921

Willie Fraher tells us of the demise of Cromwell's right-hand man, Lietenant General Jones at this address and rumours of poison. Reference is also made to the use of the house by military or police forces in 1921.


Old School Memories

Paddy Fitzgerald tells some of his memories of attending the Old School and Lady Lawless' scheme for encouraging good attendance rates at the school.


Threshing machine

The sounds of a threshing machine after about 2 hours of warming up the engine.


Craic at McEvoys Pub

Paddy Fitzgerald of Newcastle in south Dublin tells us of the craic he had in McEvoys pub on the corner.


Cottage life in Newcastle, Dublin

Paddy Fitzgerald tells us some of memories of visiting the Roe family in their thatched cottage with mud walls. 'You could look at the stars out through the chimney.'