Living in Moyne, Tipperary

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Living at Moyne, Co.Tipperary

Saturday, 1 August, 1914


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The attack on the village of BAZENTIN-LE-PETIT….
Battle of Bazentin Ridge, 14-17 July 1916.
Fourth Army planning for a major breakthrough attack on the German second
position in the southern sector of the battlefield began as early as 8 July, when
it was agreed that a dawn assault should be made on the line from Longueval
to Bazentin-le-Petit.
Artillery bombardments began on 11 July and, based on XV Corps report on
wire cutting requirements, bombardment began at 3.20 which, precisely five
Friday, 14 July, 1916

Back to the trenches

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The 2/Royal Irish Regiment moved forward once more to take part in an assault the following day, moving into assembly positions in MAMETZ WOOD.
Thursday, 13 July, 1916

Temporary relief with billets at Heilly

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The battalion was relieved from action at 3:30am and returned to MANSELL COPSE, moving later to billets at HEILLY. The 2nd Royal Irish Regiment had suffered 227 casualties in these attacks since 1st July (approximately a third of its ‘fighting’ strength).
Thursday, 6 July, 1916

Further assault on Mametz Wood & Wood Trench

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After re-forming in MANSELL COPSE, a further assault on WOOD TRENCH and the south corner of MAMETZ WOOD was made at 10:15pm. However, the German barbed wire was found to be uncut and a withdrawal was ordered due to increased resistance and strong German counter-attacks.
Wednesday, 5 July, 1916

Attack on Strip Trench in Mametz Wood.

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Moved forward through MAMETZ village and attacked STRIP TRENCH in front of Mametz Wood, but was forced to retire due to heavy machine gun fire from the direction of QUADRANGLE TRENCH.
Tuesday, 4 July, 1916

Brigade transfer to 7th Division and move to Fricourt sector.

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Battalion transferred to 22nd Brigade, 7th Division in the FRICOURT sector. Routine trench holding duties when in the line, but with an increase in patrolling activities until the last week of June.
Monday, 22 May, 1916

First time on frontline

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Moved into the frontline… relieved the French soldiers holding the area between HAMEL and THIEPVAL
Thursday, 29 July, 1915

Battalion transferred to 11th Brigade

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Battalion transferred to 11th Brigade, 4th Division and moved into billets at HEDAUVILLE
Monday, 26 July, 1915

Moved towards the Somme front

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Moved southwards towards the Somme front. In billets at FORCEVILLE and then AUTHUILLE and MAILLY-MAILLET.
Monday, 18 November, 2013