1901 Census Ardocheasty townland, Waterford


1901 Census Ardocheasty townland, Waterford

Ardocheasty townland is mostly agricultural except for its northeastern-most extent where the historic graveyard and ecclesiastical complex of Ardmore sits. The graveyard and rectory are side by side which explains the presence of the Church of Ireland Rector Rev. Thomas Rothwell. Otherwise there are seven other people living in the townland with an average age of 40.

Surname Forename Age
Gee Ellen 40
Gee Kate 4
Rothwell Ella Cecily 25
Gee Patrick 50
Lennane Thomas 70
Murphy Margaret 35
Rothwell A M Thomas Robert 62
Fletcher Mary 40


Sunday, 31 March, 1901

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Ardocheasty crossroads looking south to Ardmore village


Ardocheasty townland is in Ardmore, Co. Waterford. Largely agricultural in landuse it does contain the renowned Ardmore historic graveyard with medieval cathedral and roundtower.