The Mendicity Institution Transmission Books


The Mendicity Institution Transmission Books

The Mendicity Institution is one of Dublin's oldest charities, established in 1818.  During its life-span, it has always worked towards the relief of poverty in the city.

As the social organisation of poverty altered, the Institution has had to adapt to meet the current needs of a changing clientele.

It has always been situated on Usher’s Island and has been at its present location (9 Island Street, Dublin 8) since the 1950’s, where it continues as a food centre providing free meals on a daily basis, including Sunday brunch.  On Sunday afternoon from 2:30 – 5:00 a dedicated group of volunteers provide soup and sandwiches.  This is a time when other food services are closed.

The Transmission Books of the Mendicity are a record of people who have been helped travel from Dublin to the others towns, cities and villages throughout Ireland and further afield. This project is funded by Dublin City Council. It is directed by community officer Mary Lynch of DCC, and is a collaboration between a team of heritage researchers who have links with the Mendicity today and with John Tierney of Eachtra Archaeological Projects Ltd. We aim to digitise some of the Transmission books and explore some of the stories contained within the books.

All of the material published here is copyright of the Mendicity Institution.





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