24 Church Street, Dungarvan, Waterford


24 Church Street, Dungarvan, Waterford

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The oldest continually inhabited house in Dungarvan. The blue plaque over the door tells us that General Michael Jones, Oliver Cromwell's right-hand man, died of a fever here in the 1649. Smith (1756) recounts the rumour of Cromwell having Jones poisoned although Willie Fraher casts doubt on the reasonable of this story. Ryland (1837) says this house was owned by a Reverend Chaplain in the 1640s and that his daughter, Mrs Chaplain died in the 1730s.

Willie Fraher, Curator of Waterford County Museum tells us some of the rich history of this house http://audioboo.fm/boos/1222688-cromwells-general-1649-and-an-explosion-...



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24 Church Street
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