P1 Feenagh


P1 Feenagh

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1911 Census: Eugene Cronin, Head of family, 50 yrs old. Katie Cronin, Wife, 49 yrs old. Tom O Brien, Nephew, 17 yrs old. L Ellen Cronin, Mother, 77 yrs old. Norah Cronin, Sister, 38 yrs old. John O'Grady, Servant, 27 yrs old. Mary O'Dell,  Servant 21 yrs old.

1901 Census: Eugene Cronin, Head of family, 42 yrs old. Catherine Cronin, Wife, 41 yrs old. Ellen Cronin, Mother, 70 yrs old. Hanoria Cronin, Sister, 29 yrs old. James O'Connor, Servant, 22 yrs old. Catherine O Grady, Servant, 16 yrs old.    


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