Church and Graveyard


Graigue church & graveyard

Only an outline of the Chapel exists today in a shape of a crucifix. The Chapel gave rise to name of Chapel Street and it was the site of the first Catholic church in Mountmellick. Building of the chapel was commissioned by Rev. Thady Dunne and continued by of Rev.

St. Paul's Church of Ireland

St. Paul's Church of Ireland

The Church of Ireland church is an example of Georgian gothic Church of Ireland which was opened in 1828 and an extension for a vestry was added in 1870. The oldest gravestone in the graveyard is dated 1709 from the time it was a site for a ‘Chapel of Ease’ for Rosenallis Parish.


Tullylease Church and Graveyard

The monestery at Tullylease was possibly founded by St Berichter, an Anglo-Saxon monk, who came to Ireland in 664 but by the 15th century had been taken over by the Augustinians.