Farm house


Mullane's of Brittas

The Mullanes of Brittas were a prominent family in N Cork. They held the land here before the 1640s Confederate and Cromwellian Wars.



Timmy Sullivan's grandmother was one of the Mullanes of Brittas. There were 7 sisters In the Mullanes and they all married locally. One married a Morton and another married into this house here.


McCarthy's homestead

McCarthy's farmhouse was a key location during the War of Independence. Most famously it was one of the safehouses used to keep General Lucas captive but it was also used to store guns captured in the raid on Mallow barracks.



Morton's married-in here in the 1920s. Before that the Sullivans has this property and during the Irish War of Independence the old house here was the main billet for General Liam Lynch.


Connells Homestead

The Connell family are believed to be on this site since the aftermath of the Battle of Kinsale( Oct 1601-Jan 1602). The family are believed to have been followers of the O'Neill's and settled here during the retreat from Kinsale./A masspath for Glantane church passes the homestead.


Glounminane House

Glounminane House, built by Mrs Eliza Murphy in 1913. Eliza's husband was killed bringing timber home to build the house. This house was used by Liam Lynch as a headquarters during the War of Independence. Lynch commanded the IRA forces in N Cork.