Banding Works

Whelan's forge had a banding wheel alongside the forge, further W, uphill from here. This banding works was a more industrial installation alongside the adjacent stream and it is a rare site.


Old Forge

Site of Whelan's forge. The ground floor window is where the forge door was and the fire was to the left of the door. A banding wheel was located where the post box is now placed. Whelan's of the post office, next door, were also the blacksmiths who ran this forge.


Mullanes Forge Bweeng

This forge has been in the O Mullane family since it was established in the late 1890’s. It has been closed down for a number of years.


Site of Old Forge, Glantane

This was leased by the O Flynn family from Delacour and Cotter in Griffiths Valuation, they married two Lombard sisters in 1820 and inherited the Lombard Estate.


Tarrants Forge

This was previouslt Ahearne's forge but is now known as Tarrant's. There are still plenty of Tarrant's around. A Paddy O'Connor worked with Nicholas Tarrant in the forge.

Séan Radley shows us the location of Tom Jacks old forge in Millstreet

Tom Jack Radleys Forge in Millstreet

This Chinese takeway on Main Street Millstreet used to be a blacksmiths forge run by Mr Tom Jack Radley.


Taur Forge

An old disused forge stands near the W.entrance to the Lane in Taur, Duhallow. The forge was one of a group of houses associated with the quarry. Eight terraced houses, four single-storied and four two-stories, stood to the E. of the forge, to which they were attached.