Lee, John [b:1880]

John Lee was a member of the RIC stationed in Ardmore in the 1910s - he is listed in the 1911 census and lived on Main Street with his wife, Hannah & son David, in the house of the current post office. John was Church of Ireland, from west Cork. A constable in 1911 he retired as a sergeant in Waterford in 1922. His pension payments in 1922 were made in the village of Baldock, Hertfordshire.


Hanly, Thomas [b:1870]

Thomas Hanly, a native of south Tipperary, was a constable in the RIC in 1901 and we first come across him as a census enumerator in Ardmore in 1901. His family lived in a house in Farrengarret in 1901 - this house may be what is now known as Murphys Cottage on Main Street (