My great great grandfather Andrew Carey shot in 1920


My great great grandfather Andrew Carey shot in 1920

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My name is Jack. My family story is about my great great grandfather Andrew/Gala Carey from Kilmurry Co. Limerick.

One night in 1920 Gala was in a public house or card school in Martinstown townland, across from the Bog church, when a British Army/police patrol fired into the house (maybe enforcing a curfew) and Gala was shot. He survived being shot and lasted well into his 90s. My gran tells me now that the bullet lodged near his kidney and was never removed.

The morning after the shooting when my great grandfather, Jack Carey, heard that his father was shot he supposedly said “At least we still have our Mother!”. 




Carey, Andrew [b:1875]

Born in 1875 Andrew Carey (also known as Gala) was a small farmer in Kilmurry, Martinstown, Co. Limerick. The father of two children he lived on into his 90s in a house packed full with his 5 granddaughters. His great age is of note as he survived being shot by a British Army/police patrol in Martinstown(in Reillys Post Office) around 1920.


Reillys Post Office

Formerly Reillys Post Office of Martinstown, Co. Limerick.