Cry of the Curlew by Tommy Mooney


Cry of the Curlew by Tommy Mooney

Tommy Mooney's first book Cry of the Curlew is a classic example of high quality local history. It takes a chronological approach to telling the story of the War of Independence in Waterford placing key local people, places and events in a national context. Tommy writes his books based on long-running personal research and they are rich in content because he has the insiders ability to talk to people, to gather his own and other families’ lore and to check the stories he gathers against published accounts of the time. Tommy’s account of the first Piltown ambush lists a broad range of people who participated across West Waterford and he also names the young British Army Lieutenant Griffin who was captured, interrogated and released after the ambush as well as the driver who died in the ambush  - Private Anthony Leigh. It appears that the only clear target the ambushers had in the dark night was the front lights on the truck commandeered by the British Army for their late run to Ardmore and that the driver suffered for this. The account of the Piltown Cross ambush is one of the key stories recounted by Tommy but there hundreds more in this book.




Piltown Cross Ambush 2008 Memorial

Memorial unveiled in 2008 to the Nov 1st, 1920, Pilltown Cross Ambush.