Location of the wreck of the SS. Folia

Location of the wreck of the SS. Folia. Sunk here on 11th March 1917.


P1 Main Street, Ardmore, Waterford

Eliza Power, widow, lived in this house in 1911. Originally from Co. Laois (Queen's County) Eliza is aged 69 in 1911 and her occupation is listed as domestic servant. The house is owned by James Tierney and it has two rooms and two windows. There are no outhouses or sheds listed for this house.


Was Jim Danny a blacksmith?

Jim Lane talks about Jim Danny (Ryan), of Boherard, and his skill in ironworking.

“It’s riveted because if you go back to those years John.


1901 Census Curragh townland, Waterford

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Two hundred and forty people are listed (average age 29) in the 1901 census in Curragh townland with 35 different surnames represented in 41 different houses (

Surnames of Curragh in 1901

Barron, Broderick, Coffer, Connery, Corbett, Cuddihy, Donovan, Fletcher, Foley, Galvin, Gorman, Grady, Harty, Healy, Hurtin, Keane, Kennedy, Keogh, Kiely, Lee, Lennon, Lynch, Mahony, Monsell, Morrissey, Mulcahy, Mullahy, O'Brien, OBrien, Oneill, Power, Reach, Ryan, Tobin, Troy

Sunday, 31 March, 1901
View of Curragh townland from west


Curragh townland is a situated a mile outside Ardmore in Co. Waterford.


1901 Census Ardocheasty townland, Waterford

Ardocheasty townland is mostly agricultural except for its northeastern-most extent where the historic graveyard and ecclesiastical complex of Ardmore sits. The graveyard and rectory are side by side which explains the presence of the Church of Ireland Rector Rev. Thomas Rothwell. Otherwise there are seven other people living in the townland with an average age of 40.

Sunday, 31 March, 1901

1901 Census Crushea townland, Waterford

Crushea townland is fully occupied by farming families in 1901. There are 26 people living here with an average age of 38 years old. There are only four people on or under the age of 20. 

Forename Surname Age

Michael Troy 54

Bridget Hassett 44

Michael Allen 25

Patrick Troy 30

William Connry 70

James Keane 57

Kate Keane 53

Katie Allen 22

Edmond Hassett 42

Anne Hassett 38

Nicholas Keane 55

Michael Allen 64

John Allen 23

Thomas Mulcahy 21

Cathrine Troy 20

Sunday, 31 March, 1901

A visit to Fuges

The tide was low enough this morning to walk below the rocks between Curragh and Ballyquinn beach. I took the opportunity to stroll over and have a look at Fuges house in Glencorran.


Blackberries September 2013

As we picked blackberries in the boreen which runs from Curragh to Ballynamertinagh townland Julianna remembered and recited part of a poem which she learned in school during the week. When we got home Julianna recorded the poem to add to the photographs taken on our walk.