P11 Anglesea St., Clonmel

Jack O'Brien & Sons Garage 2016.

No occupants in 1911.


P10 Anglesea St., Clonmel

This property was divided into two apartments in 1911.

Elizabeth (58) & Lillie (50) Bradshaw lived in the first apartment. Both were Presbyterian & single.


P8 Scots Church, Anglesea St., Clonmel

Known as the Scots Church and shown on the early 1900s 25 inch OS map as a Presbyterian Church.

The church has no occupants shown in 1911 census.




P1 Anglesea St., Clonmel

Home to Rev. James Foster (a Methodist Minister) and his wife Susan. Rev Foster was a native of Monaghan and a graduate of Queens University, Belfast. Their son Robert HW Foster (17) was also in the house.There was one visitor on the night of the census, a Maude Barkman (from Co. Limerick).


P10 New Quay, Clonmel

In 1911 home to Thomas J Condon (although he was not present on the night of the survey) and his daughter Mary P. Condon - a professional singer & music teacher. Katherine Hogan (18) from Lisronagh was domestic servant in 1911.


P9 New Quay, Clonmel

A solicitors office in 1911. No name evident.


P8 New Quay, Clonmel

In 1911 home of Patrick Butler and his wife Ellen. Patrick was a commercial traveller in the whiskey trade. Mary Ferguson (32) worked as domestic servant to the Butler's and was originally from Dublin.


P7 New Quay, Clonmel

Possible the home of John Mulcahy and family in 1911. Besides the family of 5 there were another 15 people living here in 1911. 


P6 New Quay, Clonmel

Hughes's Marble & Stone Works >2016.

Listed as a store in 1911 census.