Mill bridge

This bridge appears to be built on an old fording point of a tributary of the Funshion River. Cromwell's forces are believed to have crossed the river here in 1649 and in later years the bridge was damaged during the military operations relating to the Irish Civil War.


Church of Ireland Burial Ground

Currently the site of the community hall this was originally the location of St. David's Church of Ireland. The closing and replacement of the church requires more research as it will tell us much about social changes after the War of Independence.


Site of Old RIC barracks

Built as a police station, it has seen its occupants change from RIC to Gardai and it continues to fullfill this purpose.


First Cooperative in Mitchelstown

Location of the first trading outlet of Mitchelstown Co-operative Agricultural Society, formed in 1919. By the mid 1960s it had become the largest multi purpose Co-op in Ireland and included Mitchelstown Creameries, Galtee Foods and Galtee A.I.


Statue of John Mandeville

The Statue of John Mandeville in New Square made by the Parlanti Foundry of London who also made the Canon Sheehan Statue in Doneraile. Erected in 1906. John Mandeville was a patriot and leader of the land league war in the 1880s who died in Tullamore gaol as a result of his campaign.


1798 Monument

Names of 11 men are inscribed on the monument and these men were hanged in its proximity between 11th and 13th of June 1798.


Clues to the 1798 Rebellion in Mountmellick

The 1798 Rebellion was a significant uprising in Ireland and a casual google search does not find much evidence for activity in Laois/Queen’s County. However, the monument on Wolfe Tone St.



Village in France. A key location in the Battle of the Somme in July 1916.


Birth place of Nora Herlihy

Birthplace of Nora Herlihy, who was a founder member of the Irish League of Credit Unions.