Killukin townland by Stephen Murray

Field Names in Your Townland

One field is called ‘the orchard field’.


Faus townland by Caoimhe & Brona Devaney

Field Names in Your Townland

The well field - several families used the well in this particular field up into the 1970s.

Boggy field in Faus townland, Co. Roscommon

Faus townland

Location of ringfort in Faus townland

It is suggested in that Faus may translate as 'wilderness'.


Gardenstown townland by Ella O'Callaghan & LilyMcGarry

Field Names in Your Townland

There is a field called ‘Packie Joe’s” after the man who used to live there.


Cattle in the Caldra field

Killappoge townland

Townland adjacent to Croghan village. Contains a COI church and graveyard and a medieval church and graveyard called Caldra.