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The Irish Historic Homes Survey

Irish community surveys of historic homesteads, homes; attaching family names to places in city, town and countryside.


Ardmore in 1916

The Ardmore Tidy Towns Association decided that researching the residents of Ardmore in 1916 would be an appropriate way to commemorate the 1916 Centenary. Because of time constraints we focused on Main Street, Chapel Row, Ard a Mhinistir and the older end of College Road.

Conroy, Gregory [b:0]

A Capuchin monk Fr Gregory Conroy is refered to in a 1650s document as tending the countrypeople of Ardmore despite the Penal laws. The monks had a 'quasi-residence' at Hacketstown (Ring Parish) but covered an area measuring 20 miles in circumference (Canon Power 1937).

Power, P. (1937). Waterford & Lismore, A Compendious History of the United Dioceses. Cork: Cork University Press.


Inch, Frank [b:1877]

A native of Plymouth, England, Frank Inch was captain of the SS Folia when she was torpedoed and sunk by U53 in 1917.

Capt. Inch also lost the SS Volturno with the loss of over 100 lives in 1913 as the result of an accidental fire. The Volturno was his second captaincy.


Location of the wreck of the SS. Folia

Location of the wreck of the SS. Folia. Sunk here on 11th March 1917.


The SS. Folia

The SS. Folia was sunk 7 km off Ram Head on the morning of 11 March 1917. 

The Folia was originally named Principello and her official unique number was 136640.



O'Brien, Mary Bridget [b:1902]

Mary Bridget O'Brien was born into the thatched house on the corner of Main Street & Coffey Lane in, Ardmore. Here Mary is photographed with her brother Jack. Mary later married James Burke of Knockmeelmore, and after a while there they moved down to Crossford, to be closer to the village.



Kilfinnane Old Graveyard

This is the old medieval graveyard in Kilfinnane. Still in use by the local community it has been expanded into a cemetery.


Families of the Brunswick 1825

A record of the 242 individuals from xx families who sailed with Robinson on the Brunswick which left Queenstown/Cobh on the 11 May and arrived in Qu