Rushe, Carrick

Rush/Coghlin, Carrick, Co. Westmeath

Griffith Valuation 1854,Barony of Kilkenny West,Parish of Noughaval,Union of Ballymahon,Townland of Carrick, Co. Westmeath.Tenant was Thomas Rush, The Landlord was William Chapman.


Kenny & Coughlan, Creggy

Kenny/Lynott/Coughlan, Clogher, Co. Westmeath.


Coughlan, Coolvin

Mc Loughlin/Coughlan, Coolvin, Co. Westmeath Griffith Valuation 1854 Barony of Kilkenny West, Parish of Noughaval, Union of Ballymahon, Townland of Coolvin, Co. Westmeath. Tenant was Frank McLoughlin The Landlord was Dr. Charles St. John.


McCormack, Tonlegee


Anthony McCormack, Tonlegee, Co. Westmeath  (Current Owner 2015)

Griffith Valuation 1854