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The Irish Historic Homes Survey

Irish community surveys of historic homesteads, homes; attaching family names to places in city, town and countryside.


Ardmore in 1916

The Ardmore Tidy Towns Association decided that researching the residents of Ardmore in 1916 would be an appropriate way to commemorate the 1916 Centenary. Because of time constraints we focused on Main Street, Chapel Row, Ard a Mhinistir and the older end of College Road.

Salmon Fishing in Ardmore

Telling the story of the lost tradition of salmon fishing in Ardmore.


Elevation image of eroded section face at Crushea.

Crushea Cliff Face

January 2021 cliff face section.

3m tall.


2021 photograph of the ogham stone in an alcove of Ardmore cathedral chancel.

Ogham Stone 263 in Ardmore

An Early Medieval ogham stone situated within Ardmore cathedral. 




Ardmore Boat Cove

A H Poole photograph, apparently from 1900s, of Ardmore boat cove and the pier in background.

Colour added using Deoldify and digital original from


Gifford, John [b:0]

Mentioned in Durham court case as being based in Ardmore, Cork. Including here because they may mean Ardmore, Waterford. Also possible link with Wanrick Gifford previously recorded.