Ardmore 1916


Ardmore Boat Cove

A H Poole photograph, apparently from 1900s, of Ardmore boat cove and the pier in background.

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P68, Monea House, College Road, Ardmore

Originally named Ardmore House, then Monea House, became an estate house for the Bagge family. In the 1850s Simon Bagge was leasing this house from the Ecclesistical Commissioners of Ireland so this may have originally been a rectory.

P67, College Road, Ardmore

Built in two stages - the eastern section (left hand side in the picture above)was built as an accommodation block for Coláiste Deuglán in 1922. Subsequently bought by the Mercy nuns of Dungarvan and latterly converted to a hotel by Michael Ronayne. 

P66, College Road, Ardmore

Occupied by Patrick Crowley N.T. principal teacher in Ardmore 1903-1929. He as related to General Michael Collins. His wife was a Fitzgerald from the Listigue/Ballinamona family and she had the post office here after the Allin’s c.1922.


P65, Parson's Hill, Ardmore

Lady Clodagh Beresford-Power-Anson lived here for years but we cannot identify the owner or occupants in 1916.


P64, Parson's Hill, Ardmore

Originally, owned by the Odell's, bought by a Mrs Barry (nee Dwyer) who brought the first order of Mercy nuns to Ardmore (from Cappoquinn) in 1900. It is shown in a 1905 map as a convent.


P63, Parson's Hill, Ardmore

The Allin sisters, Lizzie (60) and Annie (50) lived here in 1911 and they were postmistress & assistant postmistress.


P62, Parson's Hill, Ardmore

William Foley lived here in 1911 and we have no record of who lived here in 1916. This William Foley may have owned ‘Murphy’s Cottage’ on Main Street, at some time.


The Rectory - P61, Parson's Hill, Ardmore

Occupied by the Rothwell family until 1914 and from 1914-1921 by the Rennisons.
Canon Rothwell retired to the high road but his retirement did not last too long as he died in 1915 and is buried in the adjacent COI graveyard.

Carrigdhoun P60, Parson's Hill, Ardmore

Occupied by Dr Tim Foley (GP) & his sister Annie in 1911. Mary Donovan, a Waterford woman, was their cook/domestic servant, and at the time of the census their 9 year old niece, Kathleen Sullivan, also lived in this house.