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The Irish Historic Homes Survey

Irish community surveys of historic homesteads, homes; attaching family names to places in city, town and countryside.


Ardmore in 1916

The Ardmore Tidy Towns Association decided that researching the residents of Ardmore in 1916 would be an appropriate way to commemorate the 1916 Centenary. Because of time constraints we focused on Main Street, Chapel Row, Ard a Mhinistir and the older end of College Road.

Burke, David [b:Unknown]

Named in E Fitzgeralds 1860 article on the Duibhín Déaglán as the person who first found the amulet in the grave of St. Declan. If this article was written soon before 1860 and the person being quoted was an old man then we can guesstimate the amulet was found in late 1700s early 1800s?


Searching for the Lost Castle of Ardmore

by John Tierney and Martha Hannon

Funchal Forts