Conway, Elenore Cecilia [b:1887]


Conway, Elenore Cecilia [b:1887]

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Elenore Cecilia Conway was born in Clerkstown in 1887 and she emigrated to the US in 1910 and became a naturalised citizen in 1918. Elenore lived and worked as a graduate nurse in New York. We know Elenore applied for a passport in 1920 to return home to see family and friends. Clerkstown was crossed out in her passport application and replaced with Ardmore. Also Elenore's passport photo would not pass muster today.

There is one house of Conways in the 1911 census for Ballynagleragh/Clarkstown (/). I wonder were these the family Elenore was to visit in 1920. She was booked to sail on the Adriatic in September 1920 - coming back to West Waterford just before the outbreak of the War of Independence.



The Adriatic SS

1911 Census Archive



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Elenore Cecilia



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