P4 Main Street, Ardmore, Waterford


P4 Main Street, Ardmore, Waterford

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1911 Census

Two structures today, these (P4&P5) were one house occuppied in 1911 by the Veale family. Head of family was Mary Ann Veale (50) (widow) and she lived with her mother, Mary Kennedy (79) (widow), two daughters, Brigid (23), Helena (17) and son Nicholas (19). Mary Ann and her mother both speak Irish & ENglish while the children have English only.

The house has 2-4 rooms and 5 windows to front of house; it is roofed with slate or iron - probably slate.

1901 Census

There were nine in the house in 1901, eight Veales and a boarder named Kate Butler (29), who came from Co. Wexford & worked as a domestic servant. Mary-Ann was a widow in 1901 and her children were Thomas (15), John (13), Katty (11), NIcholas (9), Helen (8), Patrick (6) & Margaret (16).