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The Millstone at The Three Jolly Pigeons

Seamus McCormack tells us of the millstone at the door of The Three Jolly Pigeons.


Goldsmith & Emigraton

Seamus McCormack quotes Goldsmith on the emigrants plight.


Goldsmith Liquor & Learning

Seamus McCormack tells us of Goldsmith's theories of education.


Oliver Goldsmith & the Three Jolly Pigeons Pub

Seamus McCormack tells us of the links between Goldsmith & The Three Jolly Pigeons.


Plot 130 and Noughaval Graveyard

Tracing the Tonlegee McCormacks family plots in Noughaval graveyard with John McCormack.


What's in a name?

John McCormack explains how one fellow can have a number of names in Ireland.


Some McCormack of Tonlegee grave plots in Noughaval

John McCormack talks about three grave plots in Noughaval of the McCormacks of Tonlegee and the interesting effects of an oak and lead-lined coffin.


Noughaval Graveayard Soundscape March 2014

A five minute recording of the Tang community group recording the graveyard in late March 2014.


Clues to the 1798 Rebellion in Mountmellick

The 1798 Rebellion was a significant uprising in Ireland and a casual google search does not find much evidence for activity in Laois/Queen’s County. However, the monument on Wolfe Tone St.


An unusual view of Newmarket town

Visited by Fidelma Mullane the 2-storey dwelling (with turret) on the right at the top of the hill served as a Secondary School between 1945 and 1954 when the school was moved to the local Protestant Church – Christ Trinity.  A man known as “Fire and Lights’ once lived in the house that is now o