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Meelin Quarry

Florence McAuliffe, the last ruling chieftain of the clan, was badly wounded at the Battle of Knockbrack near Banteer in 1652.  He was nursed back to health in Meelin Quarries.


Meidhleann Rock (Meelin Hill)

According to a local legend Meidhleann was the daughter of a McAuliffe chieftain who was spirited away to the cave on her wedding night by a fairy.  She was later rescued by her husband.  The cave is a shallow depression in an outcrop of rock on a steep slope over the Dalua river.  She is also r


Trinity Christ Church

The present church may stand on one of the oldest church sites in Clanawley (the ancestral lands of the McAuliffe clan in the N. W. Corner of county Cork). It has been purchased and is being developed as a centre for clan activities.


Clonfert Graveyard

The graveyard is c. 1km. W of Newmarket.  It is and has been the main burial place of the McAuliffe Clan for generations. Visit Clonfert Graveyard in Co Cork on



Trinity Well

A Holy Well 1.5 km West of Newmarket.  It is said that Malacky Oge McAuliffe (the prophet) fell asleep here and awoke with the gift of prophesy.


Tobar na Clocha Dearga

A Holy Well near the source of the Dalua associated with Meidhleann.


Castle on the Mount

The exact location of the third McAuliffe castle is unknown but it stood on the Demesne lands of Newmarket Court, now known as the James O'Keeffe Institute



One of two townlands in Clanaulie which contains the clan name as a placename element. According to the Annals of the Four Masters in 1535 the McAuliffe's won a major battle here in which the Lord of Claonglas was killed.


Space Shuttle Disaster

Christa McAuliffe lost her life when the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 Secs. after lift off on the 28th January 1986.  The McAuliffe Crater on the Moon was named after her as well as the asteroid 3352 McAuliffe.  The Soviet Union also named a crater on Venus in  her memory.


Denis Horgan

Denis Horgan was born in Fermoyle Banteer on May 18th 1871 and died in June 1922. He was a champion Irish athlete and weight thrower. During his career he won over 42 titles for the shot put including the Triple A Shot put championship thirteen times.