1901 Census Curragh townland, Waterford

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Two hundred and forty people are listed (average age 29) in the 1901 census in Curragh townland with 35 different surnames represented in 41 different houses (

Surnames of Curragh in 1901

Barron, Broderick, Coffer, Connery, Corbett, Cuddihy, Donovan, Fletcher, Foley, Galvin, Gorman, Grady, Harty, Healy, Hurtin, Keane, Kennedy, Keogh, Kiely, Lee, Lennon, Lynch, Mahony, Monsell, Morrissey, Mulcahy, Mullahy, O'Brien, OBrien, Oneill, Power, Reach, Ryan, Tobin, Troy

Sunday, 31 March, 1901

Blackberries September 2013

As we picked blackberries in the boreen which runs from Curragh to Ballynamertinagh townland Julianna remembered and recited part of a poem which she learned in school during the week. When we got home Julianna recorded the poem to add to the photographs taken on our walk.