1901 Census Curragh townland, Waterford


1901 Census Curragh townland, Waterford

Two hundred and forty people are listed (average age 29) in the 1901 census in Curragh townland with 35 different surnames represented in 41 different houses (http://goo.gl/NAQc25).

Surnames of Curragh in 1901

Barron, Broderick, Coffer, Connery, Corbett, Cuddihy, Donovan, Fletcher, Foley, Galvin, Gorman, Grady, Harty, Healy, Hurtin, Keane, Kennedy, Keogh, Kiely, Lee, Lennon, Lynch, Mahony, Monsell, Morrissey, Mulcahy, Mullahy, O'Brien, OBrien, Oneill, Power, Reach, Ryan, Tobin, Troy


Sunday, 31 March, 1901

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View of Curragh townland from west


Curragh townland is a situated a mile outside Ardmore in Co. Waterford.