Gardenstown townland by Ella O'Callaghan & LilyMcGarry


Gardenstown townland by Ella O'Callaghan & LilyMcGarry

Field Names in Your Townland

There is a field called ‘Packie Joe’s” after the man who used to live there.


Names of local rivers, lakes and streams in your townland

Lisadaly lake is nearby.


Are there any blacksmith’s gates in the fields/farms of your townland? (take photos)

There is an old gate outside my Gran’s house but we do not know the blacksmith who made it. At this gate my grandfather used to meet the neighbours and one evening while sitting by this gate they came up with the idea to setup the Shannon Gaels GAA club.

There is another blacksmith’s gate outside the old burned down house in the townland.


What old ruined houses are in your townland? Any stories related to them or the families who lived there previously?

In the townland there are the ruins of an old burned-down house. It used to be lived in by a man, his wife and their handicapped child. One evening the family were out and the house caught fire. No one knows how it started but there is a ghost story about it. People say a man and his son set the fire and their ghosts can be seen, the boy holding the man’s hand, near the ruined house.


Is there any old farm machinery in the area or parked in fields? What was it used for?



Are there any people in the townland who have a cure? Cure of the burn etc? How do they carry out this cure? How did they get the cure in the first place?

Bridge Deighan has the cure of the sprain. The cure was passed down through her family.S he prays over the sprain and it goes.


Any locations of historical significance in the townland? Battlefield? Ambush location? Any crossroads where dances took place?

The burnt down house.


Any old churches in or near your townland? Old graveyards? How far do they go back? Take photos of headstones.

Drumlin church is our nearest.

Where do people in your area get buried?

Drumlin church. My grand-dad and his grandparents are buried there.


How many people live in your townland now? How many people lived there in times gone by?

Today there are roughly 8 or 9 families living in Gardenstown. A hundred years ago there were 20 families or so but made up mostly of older people.