Killukin townland by Stephen Murray


Killukin townland by Stephen Murray

Field Names in Your Townland

One field is called ‘the orchard field’.

Names of local rivers, lakes and streams in your townland

Killukin river and Killukin cascade waterfall.


Are there any blacksmith’s gates in the fields/farms of your townland? (take photos)

There is a blacksmith’s gate going into Killukin graveyard.


What old ruined houses are in your townland? Any stories related to them or the families who lived there previously?

Killukin House has stories of being haunted.


Is there any old farm machinery in the area or parked in fields? What was it used for?

All cleared away.

Are there any people in the townland who have a cure? Cure of the burn etc? How do they carry out this cure? How did they get the cure in the first place?

My grandad Stephen Murray has the cure of the sprain.


Any locations of historical significance in the townland? Battlefield? Ambush location? Any crossroads where dances took place?

Killukin Mill was important and as well as Killukin House it is said to be haunted.

The house that my grandad and uncle live in was the old RIC barracks and the last officer in charge was a Sergeant Clutterbuck.


Any old churches in or near your townland? Old graveyards? How far do they go back? Take photos of headstones.

Killukin graveyard and there is supposed to have been a monastery with monks in the orchard field.

Where do people in your area get buried?

Drumlion graveyard.

How many people live in your townland now? How many people lived there in times gone by?

Two families live in Killukin now.

Did people from the townland emigrate? Where did they go to? Why did they leave in the first place?

My grandad Stephen Murray emigrated to New York. he setup a newspaper there. A chest full of his belongings was sent home after he died