Carrowreagh townland by Áine Cryan


Carrowreagh townland by Áine Cryan

Field Names in Your Townland

The field beside my house is called the Fort field. There is a fairy fort in the field.

Names of local rivers, lakes and streams in your townland

Derraun river

Corbally lake.

Camloo Lake

Are there any blacksmith’s gates in the fields/farms of your tow nland? (take photos)

The gates going into my nanny’s garden are old blacksmith’s gates. They are more than one hundred and fifty year’s old.


What old ruined houses are in your townland? Any stories related to them or the families who lived there previously?

There’s an old ruined house in my area. A man called Pa McCormack lived there. he was a tradition fiddle player and could even play the fiddle behind his back.

Is there any old farm machinery in the area or parked in fields? What was it used for?

There is an old tractor in our yard, it is over 60 years old.

Are there any people in the townland who have a cure? Cure of the burn etc? How do they carry out this cure? How did they get the cure in the first place?

There is a person in my area has the cure of the burn. he got the cure by licking a lizard’s belly. He carries out the cure by licking the burn.

Any locations of historical significance in the townland? Battlefield? Ambush location? Any crossroads where dances took place?

There is an old farmhouse on my road where a raid took place in 1986. Weapons belonging to the IRA were being hidden in the farmyard and police came to take them away. The song ‘The Plains of Carrowreagh’ was written about this event.

Any old churches in or near your townland? Old graveyards? How far do they go back? Take photos of headstones.

There is an old graveyard and ruins of church at Killumod.

Where do people in your area get buried?

The majority of the people in the parish get buried in Drumlion.

How many people live in your townland now? How many people lived there in times gone by?

In the 1950s there were 30 people in my townland.

in 2018 there are 10.

Did people from the townland emigrate? Where did they go to? Why did they leave in the first place?

Two people went to Canada and two other people to England. One person went to Australia.




Carrowreagh townland

Carrowreagh townland, Killumod, Boyle, Roscommon

One of the  ringforts in Carrowreagh townland