Mahoney's House

Mrs Dotie Mahoney lived here in the mid 20th century. She had no clock in the house for a long time and she'd sometimes head across the fields to get water from an adjacent well in the middle of the night.


O'Connor's (The Carpenter's) House

The 1911 census shows five O'Connor's living here. Father, Michael (39) is a carpenter and with his wife, Kate (39), they have 3 children, Maggie, Mary & Philip.


Mrs Prendeville's House

Mother Prendeville/Prindable had the house across the road from the national school and many of the school children called to her for a cup of water. The lads must be remembering Hannah Prindable who is listed as aged 11 in the 1911 census.


Larkin's House

Timothy Larkin of Tullylease approx 1911


Cathair O Sulllivans, Caheraveelane

These O Sullivans were famous athletes in the early 1900,s and the name “Cathar” derives from the townland they lived in which was supposed to be named after an O Mullane family.


Scanlons Home Laharan

Laharan Cross became a well-known refuge for Volunteers from all over North and Mid Cork. After many ambushes and training exercises the Mallow Battalion Column regularly retired to Laharan Cross where shelter, sustainance and accommodation were provided in a number of houses in the area.


Buckleys Lackendarragh

This was the home of Con Buckley who was 2nd Lieutenant in the Lombardstown IRA company and was a member of the full time Mallow Batallion Column. This home was also a safe house for those on the run. When Gen.Lucas was brought to O Connells another prisoner there was transferred to this house.


O Connell Home Lackendarragh

This is a most interesting house. The original house of 1916-1921 period is the one on the left side of the photo and has been demolished so this is a copy of a 10 year old photo.


Mountain Lodge, Glenogue

This was a hunting lodge of the Newman landlords of Newberry Manor  near Drommahane. The O Riordan family occupied it and trained hounds, kept fox coverts etc for the Newmans. It then passed to the O Keeffe family and in c.1974 to the Hennessy family.


O Keeffes Ballybought

The photo is the site of the O’Keeffe house. Jerry O Keeffe was born here in c 1895 and taught at the Crawford Tech. School. He took up cycling then and became a champion of Munster at a number of different distances. He built up a substantial building enterprise and built Drommahane Church.