P40 Main Street, Ardmore, Waterford


P40 Main Street, Ardmore, Waterford

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Listed as house no 31 on the 1911 census this property also known as Ivy Lodge was the home of Captain William Odell (1849-1916), who lived there with his second wife Isabel Mary Grant Ussher and their two daughters Isabel Mary and Ruth Violet. A servant named Ellen Moore also lived here in 1911; then aged 15 she gave her birthplace as London. The side door gave access to the kitchen and was the servants entrance. The Odell's were landlords, of the old self-styled Ascendancy class, and were a branch of the Carriglea Odell family the farm in Carriglea, outside Dungarvan, is still known as Mount Odell. The Carriglea house is now Carriglea Convent.  Capt. Odell died in 1916.William Odell's son, by his first marriage to Emma Bagge, also named William, was an officer in the British Army, Outram's Rifles and died on 22 February 1917 while on active service in present-day Iraq, or Mesopotamia as it was then known. He is commemorated in Amara war cemetery on the banks of the River Tigris. We can find no information on the circumstances of Capt Odell's death. A career soldier, he was in the regiment before the advent of WWI being promoted to Lieutenant in 1906. References



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